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Cherry Audio Pro Soloist

ARP clone with 450 presets from Cherry Audio

Published 10:48 am on Monday 4th December 2023 by Beat Magazine

The VCO offers a choice between sawtooth and pulse waveforms, as well as a "super wave" for fatter sounds. The sound can then be further processed with the 24 dB filter. An ADSR and an AR envelope help to shape the sound. In addition, there is a modulation matrix with six slots for routing between 22 modulation sources to 58 destinations and three different views for more in-depth sound design. There are also 12 studio effects such as chorus, flanger and reverb, as well as a tempo-synchronized arpeggiator.

Price and availability:

The aftertouch-capable software synthesizer Pro Soloist can now be purchased for just 49 US dollars instead of the regular 69 US dollars. The plug-in supports AU, VST, VST3 and AAX formats. More info at Cherry Audio.

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The Producer Blog - Software

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