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Magix Sound Forge Pro 18

Editing and converting texts into voiceovers with Magix

Published 3:53 pm on Thursday 28th March 2024 by Beat Magazine

It is even possible to translate the texts into up to 100 languages with the help of AI. In addition, the 3D Reverb FX effect plug-in has been added, which also supports reverb for multi-channel productions on up to ten channels. Also on board is the huge Storyblocks collection with millions of audio effects and audio and video clips. Also included in the purchase price are the mastering and restoration suites Ozone 11 Elements and RX 10 Elements from iZotope. The suite edition also includes the pitch correction version Celemony Melodyne Essential 5

Price and availability:

Magix Sound Forge 18 can now be purchased for 289 euros (Pro) or 489 euros (Pro Suite). You can find more information at Magix.

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The Producer Blog - Software

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