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Tracktion Waveform Pro 13

Finally firing off clips with the DAW Waveform Pro 13

Published 7:51 am on Monday 8th April 2024 by Beat Magazine

Two filters, five effects and a flexible modulation system are integrated into the sound generator. In addition, Waveform Pro 13 allows you to mute track contents during recording, start a recording without activated inputs and Ableton Link support has been improved and new color schemes have been added. Hundreds of new loops and MIDI files from Mode Audio have been added to the sound library. The DAW also impresses with its user-friendly interface and fast workflow, where creativity is the main focus.

Price and availability:

Waveform Pro 13 can be used across platforms for Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi. The DAW can be purchased now for 199 US dollars. You can find more information at Tracktion.

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The Producer Blog - Software

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