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Arturia MiniBrute V

Synth classics as a plug-in with a vintage feel

Published 9:13 am on Thursday 23rd May 2024 by Beat Magazine

The effects include the in-house JUN-6 chorus and BL-20 flanger, as well as various reverbs and delays. The Brute-Factor provides a hefty saturation and rich overtones. The iconic Steiner-Parker filter from Arturia is also included. To emphasize the analog vintage feeling, there is now also the V control, which provides subtle sound changes. There are two envelopes for shaping the sound and the LFO with switchable waveform is used for modulation. The internal sound selection already includes 150 presets.

Price and availability:

Arturia MiniBrute V is now available for only 99 Euro until June 6th, after that for 199 Euro. The tool supports the formats VST, VST3, AAX and AU, but can also be used in standalone mode. You can find more information at Arturia.

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