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New sounds and samples

New samples: Omnisphere, Zero-G, Zenhiser and more...

Published 7:01 am on Wednesday 14th October 2020 by Beat Magazine

Zero-G: Ignition

In business since 1990 and always having good releases from the start, Zero-G brings us Ignition, a multi-format library with unique cinematic-style SciFi sounds.

As expected, there are many atmospheric sounds among the 400 patches with about 1.6 GB of samples. Nerdy and really gloomy sounds are hardly available, though. You can work creatively with this library, but you shouldn‘t rely on the presets. Tip: Using the LFO, you can rhythmize the Pads and Drones. You should also work with effect plug-ins to create even more movement and drama. We could have done without the voices from „Vocal Dialogue“, they just don‘t fit into this library.

Ignition is not Zero-G‘s only library in this genre, but it is more practical than, say, „Northern Lights Pad Machine“. All in all, you get inspiring new sound fodder for cinematic and atmospheric compositions for a fair price.

Price and availability
Zenhiser's Carbon is currently available in stores at a price of 55 Dollar. For more information visit the manufacturer's website.

Man Makes Noise: Puro for Omnisphere 2

If you want something a bit more original in Omnisphere 2, the libraries of „Man Makes Noise“ are a good choice, especially this set „Puro“.

In Puro, Tapsa Kuusniemi assembles 200 patches, which are divided into four sections (Noisecapes, Pads+Strings, Textures Playable and - Soundscape). Puro brings pure joy with spherical sounds based on about 500 new samples and especially taking water sounds into account. Additionally, sounds from Arturia synthesizers and acoustic stringed instruments can be heard. As the trailer already demonstrates, these are monumental soundscapes dominated by the more than 100 pads and strings. The overdrive FX comes to the fore in these powerful soundcapes.

This man from Finland knows how to do it. Puro offers powerful organic soundscapes that bear a unique signature that‘s different than many of the standard Spectrasonics products. Refreshingly alternative!

Price and availability
Man Makes Noise Puro for Omnisphere 2 is currently available in stores at a price of around 49 Dollar. For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.

Zensound: Repro-1 Aeria

ZenSound has introduced several soundsets for the u-he Repro-1. With „Repro-1 Aeria“ we could get to know the virtual classic in a very special way.

This set by Adrian Jimenez offers 130 presets. General Impression: The set is characterized by analog warmth and extravagance for seemingly simple sound creations that can surprise when intensely exploring in depth. The arpeggiator presets and soundscapes are minimalist and fragile. With the bass loops and the percussion sounds, the filter of Repro-1 is allowed to work much harder, which is very compelling. The keyboard presets are just as well done, but the synth‘s monophony doesn‘t play well here.

„Repro-1 Aeria“ by ZenSound is one of the most esoteric sets available for the u-he Repro-1. Those who adapt to this subtle form of sound design will ultimately gain new ideas for their own music. Remarkable!

Price and availability
Zensound's Repro-1 Aeria is currently available in stores at a price of around 19 Dollar. For more information visit the manufacturer's website.

Zenhiser: Carbon

With Carbon, Zenhiser wraps up a tasteful package with about 5 GB of samples, audio loops and some MIDI files for electronic dance music.

This company from Tony Rapacioli specializes in Techno and House - and you can feel this with Carbon. The loops have a genre-typical topicality. You can get an overview with the 25 confidently mixed full tracks in tempos between 121 and 125 BPM. The corresponding 25 MIDI files deliver complete bass, pad and lead arrangements into the DAW. Carbon‘s real strength is in the 150 drum beats, which cover several bars and leave plenty of room for further rhythmic development. The basslines again provide inspiration.

Zenhiser delivers a compelling animation for your own tracks in the Deep House and Melodic Techno genres. In light of the good quality and reasonable price, Carbon deserves a clear recommendation!

Price and availability
Zenhiser's Carbon is currently available in stores at a price around 38 Dollar. For more information visit the manufacturer's website.

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