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Hip-hop, Trap & Electro Punk

Deconstructed: Deichkind – Dinge

Published 11:06 am on Friday 19th March 2021 by Beat Magazine

1 Drum foundation

“Dinge” has a tempo of 80 bpm, but hi-hat programming is easier at twice the tempo. For the drums we use the Beatmaker Dope from UJAM . With its gritty lofi sound, the “Uptem- po Banger v2” preset is ideal for our purposes. The basis of the beat is a two-bar pattern that is varied over and over again.

2 Laid back feeling

We place the bass drum on eighth counts 1 and 4 in bar 1 and 3 and 8 in bar 2. The main snare beats are on every third quarter-note, whereby the ghost notes in the picture make the beat much livelier. As shown, the kick drum and snare hits are sometimes a little delayed, which creates a relaxed feeling.

3 Driving Hi-hats

The closed hi-hats play a continuous eighth note pattern in the first bar and in the second half of the second bar, with varying velo- cities. A slightly early open hi-hat on the third quarter count in measure 2 is followed by four sixteenth notes with increasing velocity, which gives the beat a typical trap feeling.

4 Sub-bass

For a light swing rhythm, the second and fourth of these notes sound a little delayed. We reprogram the cool sub-bass from „Dinge“ using Thorn BE from the Beat Studio . This plays the bass line shown. A deep brass sound on the first of the four bar pattern makes the groove sound really epic.

5 Brass and lead sound

The “BR HipHop Brass Ensemble” preset from Vengeance Sound Avenger with a long reverb effect works well for this purpose. An important part of the groove of “Dinge” is without question the concise vocal lead sound. The Parawave Rapid synthesizer has a similar sound with the “Vocalizer” preset from the “Leads Solo” category.

6 Vocal sequence

The multi-peak filter, whose width para- meter is modulated by the LFO, gives the sawtooth waveforms a vocal-like sound. We replace the delay with a reverb effect. Then we set a pitch bend intensity of 12 semitones each, because pitch bending plays an important role in the sequence shown, as do the octave jumps.; Plug-in und Preset siehe Heft-Software;;

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