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Set Up a Live Stream

Published 7:42 am on Friday 6th November 2020 by Beat Magazine

1 Live Stream: Here‘s How
To set up a DJ set as a live stream on Youtube, you need three things besides the DJ equipment: audio interface, webcam and streaming software. While the audio interface takes the sound from the DJ set professionally and the webcam creates a video, the streaming software is used to manage the media streams. In addition, it forwards the stream to Youtube.

2 All-in-One Solution
In this context, the Zoom Q8 is an all-roun- der, as this cell phone video recorder can act as a webcam and audio interface. Furthermo- re, the wide-angle lens also captures larger DJ sets with more equipment. First, we install the webcam driver . Then, we connect the main output of the DJ mixer to the combined XLR/Link inputs of the Q8.

3 Modular Alternative
A modular solution would consist of any audio interface with at least two(!) inputs for connection to the main output of the DJ mixer. A video camera is also required that can be recognized as a webcam(!) by the computer. This point is important because the simple connection between camera and computer via USB is not sufficient and is only used for data exchange.

4 OBS Studio
After the external connection is establis- hed, audio and video information must be set up in the OBS Studio streaming center. First, we add a new video recording device in the Sources tab, give it a name and select the webcam; in our case the Q8 Web Cam device. You can scale the video source by dragging the red video borders to size.

5 Audio Setup
OBS Studio offers clever options for creating the audio connection that unfortunately are not error-free. That‘s why we use a more stable route via the system settings of the operating system where we define the audio input connected to the DJ mixer as the default input (in our setup: Q8 Web Cam Audio). In OBS Studio the following applies: Preferences > Audio > Microphone = Standard.

6 Youtube Live Stream
Now we switch to our Youtube channel and open LIVESTREAMING. By clicking on Stream Now, we scroll down to Encoder Setup and copy the URL and stream key into the stream settings of OBS Studio (Preferences > Stream > Custom Streaming Server). Finally, we activate Start streaming in OBS Studio and the YouTube stream begins.

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